WELCOME to The Language of Caring Client Portal. We’re delighted to bring to you this classroom; full of rich resources that can help you make your caring felt with the patients, families and coworkers you serve.

You’ll find here for each skill module:

  • A short instructional video with an explanation of the skill, examples and tips
  • A Self-Check
  • An observation tool you can use to ask others for feedback about your use of the skill
  • A short quiz
  • A place to confirm that you completed the module, so your manager can keep track and also have evidence needed for granting Continuing Education Units

Please view the “Announcement” tab for any instructions specific to your organization.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, ideas and suggestions.

And thank you for your commitment to the using the Language of Caring to enhance the experience of patients, families and everyone on the healthcare team.

Jill, Wendy and Dorothy
Language of Caring, LLC